For all construction and bricklaying projects, there is no better option than brickies sand. This sand, which is also called bricklayer’s sand, has a much higher clay content than other forms of sand which makes it stickier when it is combined with cement. This makes the cement much more malleable and workable so you can get the perfect finish and the result you are looking for.

Brickies sand is also available in a wide range of colours so you can combine it with cement to create brilliant whites, reds, yellows and more so it is also the ideal material for landscaping and gardening projects as well as all indoor and outdoor building jobs.

brickies sand and fill sand supplies Wattleup

Why professionals choose our Wattleup sand supplies for their construction work

Leading tradespeople and bricklaying companies come to Premium Allsands to shop for their white sands and other brickies sand varieties because they know we stock the highest quality products in bulk at the most affordable prices.

Whether you shop for white sands or other varieties, you can be assured of the perfect, clean sand that will bond perfectly with cement and is ideal for creating mortar. The high quality of our products at our Wattleup sand supplies depot means that brickies jobs are made easier because they will have a highly workable mortar that bonds perfectly when used in bricklaying projects.

When this mortar is set and dried, it will resist water and provide a durable join that will extend the life of the building project. Because of the high clay content in this sand, it is also widely used for sporting fields and agricultural operations to allow for rapid drainage.

Lay the right foundations with our fill sand supplies

On top of our range of brickies sand, Premium Allsands also stocks the best quality fill sand in Wattleup, WA with the right clay content that allows it to be tightly compacted – ideal for the foundations of buildings and structures of all sizes.

Our premium fill sand is used for construction and civil projects, primarily for the base preparation for concrete slabs and foundations. Our fill sand is also perfect for large civil construction projects, roadworks, landfills and for other construction preparation requirements.

Trust Premium Allsands for all of your sand needs in Wattleup, WA

We stake our reputation on the quality of all our sand and soils and we are trusted by trades companies across Western Australia to supply them with the best materials for the job. This includes our range of brickies sand, white sand and also options including topsoil, paving sand and lawn sand.

All of our premium products are available at highly competitive price points to suit most budgets, so you can get the best quality for your project – whether it is a retaining wall for your home or a full-scale industrial construction or civil project.

For more information on our services, call Premium Allsands today on (08) 9733 2289.

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