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We provide high-quality brickies sand delivered to all Perth metro and country locations. We do sand delivery with various semi-loads and road train sizes.

Should you wish to pick it up, we have a metro location, located at 165 Postans Rd, Hope Valley. Our brickies sand cost is $12.00 per tonne.

Why pay expensively for a ton when you can get the best quality brickies sand supplies from us at a fraction of that price?

Call us now at 9733 2289 to get an inquiry for your brickies sand supplies.


What is Brickies Sand?

Brickies sand is popular for its high clay content. The clay works like “fat” which repels water. And when mixed with cement, it becomes stickier.

That’s why this sand is often called fatty sand. Brickie sand is the “sand of choice” as it is relatively clean, light and viable.

Its mix consists of 70% sand and the other 30% consists of cement, lime and water. This type of sand is ideal for bricklaying and clockwork.

Brickies sand can also be used for rendering and as bedding for above-ground swimming pools. In Western Australia, sand from sand suppliers is predominantly found in areas closer to the surface of the quarry.

As it’s a naturally occurring product, the colour fluctuates between quarries. As the premier yellow and white brickies sand supplier, our quarry is located in Waroona.

Yellow Brickies Sand

yellow brickies sand perth

Yellow brickies sand has a higher clay content. That’s why it’s widely used in bricklaying and masonry industries.

Yellow sand can also be used in landscaping, particularly in both indoor and outdoor pools.

White Brickies Sand

white brickies sand perth

If you need a brighter colour finish on your project, white brickies sand is the perfect type. Brickies white sand is mostly used in building, landscaping, and construction industries.

Uses of Brickies Sand

Brickies are widely used by builders and landscapers as brickies sand is the ideal building sand component for laying bricks and clockwork. As a rule of thumb, if your requirement is for the end product to be a hard–set result then brickies sand is the type you want in the mix.

The many uses of brickies sand include:

  • Blending mortar for bricklaying
  • Under paving
  • General filing
  • Roof capping
  • Gardening purposes
  • General repair work

We pride ourselves on our reliability and customer service. For many years, we have been serving builders, gardeners, landscapers and commercial business sectors.

All of it with all their sand supply requirements. As Perth’s #1 brickies sand supplier, we’ve maintained our high standards by ensuring quality control.

Our large range covers competitive sand prices per cubic meter.

Order Brickies Sand Supplies Perth

When you are looking for “brickies sand near me” around Perth, look no further than Premium Allsands. Contact us for all your sand needs.

We have an extensive range of yellow brickies sand to white brickies sand you need. Call us on (08) 9733 2289.


Partnership with ECO Resources

eco resources and premium allsands collaboration

We’ve been providing the ECO Resources with premium sand. We have formed a key component in the ECO closed-loop operational plan.

We fill the sand mining void with treated, clean inert waste drawn from our recycling program. Those areas are then capped and rehabilitated by the ECO environmental management plan.

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