Building a DIY sandbox at home is vital since kids are mostly fascinated by spending much of their time playing and digging into the dirt. A sandbox is mostly preferred since it’s free of debris, self-contained and easy to dig up with kids plastic toys. If you are searching for ‘white sand near me’ or white sand supplies, Premium Allsands is the best option since they provide sand supplies at affordable sand prices. They also offer other sand and soil types to cater to your construction, building and landscaping projects.


How to Make a Sandbox

Below is a DIY step by step process on how to build a sandbox at home.

  • Cut the wood

The timers utilized to build the walls of the sandbox are supposed to fit together butt-to-side. So, first, determine the length of the timber from the measurements taken, then subtract by three and a half inches from the length you want each side to be.

  • Dig your sandpit 

The next step is to dig out some inches into the ground where you will want your sandbox to fit. If the surface is uneven, add a one-inch layer of sand.

  • Lay the base course

Place your first course of timbers above the sand. Next, adjust the timbers until they are perfectly square by pushing a framing square into each corner. Finally, use a framing square at the sandbox corners to ensure that the pieces fit perfectly together.

  • Position your second course

Lay your second-course timbers on top of the base course; however, arrange them carefully so that they overlap at corners in the opposite direction from the base course.

  • Tie the first and second course together

Screw the courses together using deck screw and drive timber screws from the top course down to the timber beneath, all the way around the frame.

  • Line the sandbox

Cover the frame with a plastic tarp or landscape fabric to build a baselining for your sandbox. Then, push the material down into the edges and corners and ensuring that it overlaps on every side of the box.

  • Lay the top frame or third timber course

Lay the third timber frame on top of the second frame, ensuring that you overlap the corners. Then, fasten the third and second course by using timber screws.

  • Fill your sandbox

Fill in your sandbox with white sand, and you are now ready to enjoy using the sandbox.


White Sand Supplies for Sandbox

While sand looks spectacular in a sandbox, any debris or bugs will vividly stand out against a white background, making it exceptionally easy to clean. You can make your white sand sandbox more colourful by adding a small playset of coloured products for building and moulding. If you are looking for ‘white sand near me’, look no further since Premium Allsands will provide the best quality sand for your sandbox project.

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