If you have any bricklaying on construction work to do, it is hard to go past brickies sand. It’s highly versatile, has many highly sought-after properties and is frequently used as a substitute for other popular sand types like paving sand. Brickies sand in Perth is one of our most popular choices and it’s not hard to see why.

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What is brickies sand?

Brickies sand got its name because it has the all the ideal properties for bricklaying and blending mortar (though it is also commonly known as fatty sand). A good mortar needs to be workable and sticky, and the clay and silt contents of the brickies sand create this effect when mixed with cement. These contents also allow for a water-repellent mortar which in turn creates a stronger structural join. That is why it is the sand of choice for a wide range of uses, be it agriculture or sporting fields.

What makes good brickies sand?

Just because brickies sand is the sand of choice for many doesn’t mean that any quality of sand will do. High-quality brickies sand should be clean and all organic material like vegetation should be entirely absent. The blend of silt and clay needs to be precise, otherwise, the qualities that make brickies sand so effective will be missing. Premium Allsands makes sure that all sand provided is of the highest quality so you can be sure that you’ll get a clean, perfect blend that will be ideal for whatever you choose to use it for, be it landscaping, construction or gardening.

Where can you find brickies sand?

Brickies sand in Perth is commonly found in areas with moderately high clay content. This is typically the case with areas that relatively close to the surface. As the percentage of clay does fluctuate between quarries, brickies sand can vary in coloration depending on where it was found. Typically, the darker the shade, the higher the clay content. Quarries situated south of the river do tend to have higher clay content and by extension darker coloration than their counterparts in the north.

What are some uses of brickies sand?

As mentioned before, brickies sand has a wide variety of uses. Some common ones include brickwork, wall construction, blockwork, paving, sporting fields, gardens, agriculture, paving screeds, landscaping, sculptures, roof capping and sand joints. Basically, brickies sand is a great choice for any use that requires a moderate clay content, even being a good substitute for paving sand or plastering sand.

How much Brickies sand do I need?

Obviously, the amount of brickies sand required will depend on the job you want. If you’re making mortar, then you’ll want the sand to consist of 70% of the mixture but other uses are harder to determine without context. That’s why our customer service team is available to answer any queries you might have about brickies sand in Perth or any other sand you may be considering. We have a wide range of premium options from white sand to paving sand. So, get in contact with us today.