Brickies sand is a type of sand that contains high amounts of clay, making it stickier, workable, and effective when mixed with cement. If you search for “sand suppliers near me”, be sure to get quality sand supplies from Premium Allsands. They create a variety of limestone block sizes while supplying high-quality sand and soil to their clients. Brickies sand comes in an extensive range of colours, including red, yellow, and white, making it a perfect choice for building, limestone paving, gardening, and landscaping.


How do you mix mortar for limestone blocks?

Limestone can make spectacular garden borders, walls, and other decorative accents in your garden and outdoor area. The colour of the limestone is most commonly preferred due to its elegant and attractive features. The process of mixing mortar for limestone blocks requires that you first work on a dry day when there is no expectation of rain forecast. Mixing mortar for limestone blocks requires using the ratio of 6 parts of brickies sand to 1 part of lime and 1 part of cement. Type N masonry is the recommended standard used for the majority of limestone installations.

limestone paving

How do you install limestone pavers?

Below is a step by step procedure on how to install limestone pavers

  • Mark the borderline of the area selected for paving with spray paint. It would help if you also informed the local utility companies that you are digging. It would be best if you did not dig until you receive permission from the representatives of the utility companies. They will ultimately come to the site to identify any buried wires, pipes or telephone lines.
  • Use a spade to cut the border and cut through the sod from the space. When laying your limestone pavers, there should be a slight slope that will allow water to flow off the patio. It would be best to place gravel in the area to offer a proper drainage system for your patio.
  • In this step, you should purchase weed blocking fabric to cover up the patio area. You will also need to lay the sand on the patio area to cover the weed blocking fabric. You should ensure that the sand is levelled and smooth. Afterwards, wet the sand using a garden hose pipe without moving it around.
  • Before you start the process of laying the limestone pavers, arrange them together on the lawn in a pattern that works. It would be best if you left an inch of space between each paver; this will help in having less likelihood of disturbing the sand base when you place them later. After that, begin positioning the pavers on the sand; when you place each paver, step on it moving to the next one. Continue placing the pavers while you carefully ensure that you do not carry the sand as you work. Continue until you have entirely positioned all of the pavers. Ensure that you also fill in the cracks left with additional sand. Wet the patio carefully and allow it to completely dry.

How much does brickies sand cost?

Premium Allsands is a reliable service company with an extensive range of sands required for any construction, landscape, and building project. They have a friendly and highly skilled team that will offer you premium brickies sand to cater to your limestone paving project. Premium Allsands brickies sand costs $10.00 per tonne. If you are looking for “sand suppliers near me”, Premium Allsands will provide you with other types of sand supplies to support your construction, landscaping, garden and building projects. They have the best sand prices for some top sand quality products, including white sand, plasterer sand, yellow fill sand and topsoil.

You can reach out to their friendly support team via (08) 9733 2289 to get in touch with their professional sand experts, who will recommend and provide more information about the correct type of sand for your project.

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