Want the best lawn in town? You don’t need to put up with discoloured, patchy grass riddled with weeds. Ordering quality lawn sand in Perth can make the difference between mediocre and spectacular. As it’s made up of hugely beneficial sulphates, lawn soil is the key to getting the most out of your grassed area. To get premium sand in Perth give us a call today on 9733 2289.

What is Lawn Sand?

Lawn sand is a type of sand that is made up of two major components in addition to sand: iron sulphate and ammonia sulphate. The sand does not have much of a benefit in and of itself and merely acts as the carrier for these two sulphates which are highly beneficial for the health and wellbeing of then lawn.

The most prevalent one of these ingredients is iron sulphate. This sulphate has many beneficial properties and applications including eliminating moss, repelling worms, greening lawn, and even suppressing diseases. Ammonia sulphate exists in lesser quantities but is still important. Being nitrogen-rich, it encourages lawn growth and recovery after moss or weed removal.

What is Lawn Sand Used For?

Lawn sand in Peth is a highly versatile and popular product which can be used in a wide range of ways. It is most often used as topsoil for lawn, in both commercial and residential settings, as it protects against disease and is effective at controlling weed growth. For similar reasons, it is used widely in turf care and is generally the favoured sand for golf courses and turf application. Another way that lawn soil can be used is for the promotion of growth on damaged patches of grass, allowing holes to be repaired and uneven areas to be levelled.

When to Apply

The application of lawn soil should be done in warmer weather as it will not be as effective during winter. This is particularly the case with ammonia sulphate as it will not be absorbed as well during the cold season. The beginning of spring tends to be the best time for both general growth and moss control.

How to Apply 

Lawn sand can be easily applied by hand; however, it is more frequently and more effectively applied with a spreader. This is because it allows for more even application which is important to ensure that that the lawn I not damaged.  As such, application should occur when the weather is not too windy otherwise the sand may get blown away. It is also a good idea to mow the lawn before applying.

Lawn Sand Suppliers Near Me 

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