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sand prices per cubic meter Perth

Premium Allsands is the leading provider of quality sand and recycled crushed rock products to both household and commercial customers. Our large and varied fleet of trucks can deliver any size load from 1m³ right up to thousands of m³ at short notice at best sand prices per cubic meter in Metropolitan and South West locations. If you are thinking about how much sand do you need for your project? For small projects, you can typically rate the amount of bags of sand you require. For bigger areas, you’ll need to determine the number of cubics areas you require to cover. 

  • Action the size and also width of the location in feet.
  • Multiply size and also size to acquire square footage
  • Multiply the square footage by the depth of sand you require in feet, i.e. 3 inches = 1/4 foot to obtain cubic feet.
  • Split cubic feet by 27 to obtain cubic yards.

Contact our friendly team to discuss your project needs. The Premium Allsands customer service team is always on-hand to recommend the best products for your project no matter the size. We will give you the best sand prices per cubic meter. Check our cost of sand per cubic meter. 

For large orders over 12m³ please call our customer service representative call (08) 9733 2289

NoSand QuarryPrice (ex GST)Order Now
1Yellow Fill Sand – Ex Pit in Waroona$3.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
2Yellow Fill Sand – Ex Metro in Hope Valley$6.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
3Brickies Sand$10.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
4Plasterers Sand$10.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
5Paving Sand$10.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
6White Sand$10.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
7White Sand Screened$12.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
8Clay$6.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
9Top Soil$12.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
10Turf Sand$10.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289
11Coffee Rock$1.00/ tonne   (08) 97332289