How can you get the best bedding for your pavers? Enjoy a strong, stable base that will keep your pavers steady for years by ordering our high-quality paving sand in Perth. This type of sand is flexible yet sturdy and doesn’t let in extra moisture resulting in a stronger foundation for your pavers. Contact us now on 9733 2289 for premium sand supplies in Perth.

What is Paving Sand?

Paving sand is a variant of brickies sand that is typically used as a base for paving uses. It has many applications including:

  • As a base to be levelled off before brick paving is placed upon it
  • As an alternative for fill sand in Perth when used for the bedding for pipework, sheds, and housing
  • For use in construction in both domestic and industrial settings.

Some types of paving sand in Perth can be unscreened which means that the sand has not been sifted or broken down at all. This means things like roots, weeds or rocks may still be present which can interfere with the formation of a strong base for pavers. Subpar sand leads to subpar bases which can then lead to more problems in the future. This is why it is very important to get high quality paver sand like the kind we offer at Premium Allsands.

Highest Quality Paver Sand Perth

If you’re looking for paver sand near me for your next project, it pays to go for high-quality. Whether you need residential or commercial paving supplies in Perth you’ll want to use high grade sand to make sure the pavers remain steadfast for years. Premium Allsands is the preferred paver sand supplier for many in the region and a large part of that is because we only provide premium quality sand so you can be sure that you will get the best sand possible for your project.

Sand for Any Project

Paving sand is the best choice for pavers but there are many occasions where a different sand would be preferred. No matter what type of project you have or how large it is, we will be able to give you the sand that’s best for you. We have a wide variety of sand including recycled sand, white sand, fill sand, yellow fill sand and roadbase. All our sand in premium quality so you can be confident in your purchase no matter what you choose.

Why Choose Us?

There are many reasons why Premium Allsands are the top choice for people looking for paving sand supplies in Perth. Firstly, all our products are of high quality but unlike some premium products, our sand Perth price is highly competitive. Our delivery service is fast and efficient, and we offer guaranteed next day delivery for all locations in the Perth metropolitan area and the South West all the way down to Bunbury. We offer a broad selection of raw material solutions that aren’t limited to just sand and they come in a wide range of delivery sizes. All those are some of the reasons why people choose us, but the largest reason is that we are committed to leaving our customers satisfied.  For quality sand solutions contact us today on 9733 2289.

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