What is Roadbase?

Roadbase 19mm sand is a high-grade base material that holds up well in high traffic areas because of its large particle size. Made from gravel and other fine materials, it provides the strongest base of all gravel materials when it has been compacted and applied correctly. With numerous benefits and long-lasting results, roadbase can really enhance your project. If you’re looking for a product that compacts well, provides stability, and helps prevent muddy areas then this is the product for you. Call us on (08) 9733 2289 for a free quote.

What is roadbase 19mm sand used for?

As it is such a stable material that compacts well, roadbase has a wide range of potential uses. As its name suggests, it is frequently used as a base for roads but it many other common uses including parking lots, footpaths, driveways and retaining wall among other things. It can be used on its own as it often is in rural parking areas and driveways, or it can be uses as a subbase for other materials for added stability. It is a frequently selected material to go underneath concrete and artificial turf with some applications including horse stables, putting greens and parking areas for heavy equipment. It is also an excellent wet weather product as it prevents areas from becoming muddy.

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