Do you feel concerned about the look and health of your lawn? You may need to topdressing it with lawn sand. Adding sand on top of soil or grass (commonly after performing core aeration) will prevent various problems. Soil compaction and water infiltration are two problems among them.

The Benefits of Applying Topdressing On Your Lawn

Practicing Lawn Topdressing at Home

Lawn topdressing is a process of adding a layer of material, preferably sand, on the grass or soil. Commonly, we can use around 1/4 to 1/2 inch of sand, compost or other soil amendments. Then, we can spread it over the lawn using shovels. You can continue the work by raking the sand and then spray water thoroughly on it with sprinklers.

Aside from this traditional way of topdressing the lawn, you can try using the motorized top-dressers or compost spreaders. However, it’s pretty costly for a single-functioned device. If you don’t really have time to spread that lawn sand on your backyard, you can get a lawn topdressing service from the lawn care companies.

But if you are concerned about the chemical used in lawn care, it’s the right time to learn more about lawn topdressing. If you are aware of the benefit, the pros and cons, you can decide whether to do it yourself or hire lawn care. Who knows that lawn topdressing project on the weekend with family can bring a beautiful and healthy landscape to your backyard.

Lawn Topdressing Benefits

  1. Balancing the Lawn Soil Composition

Ideally, the lawn soil needs various crumbs that will create large clumps. Those clumps will allow the water and air to go through the lawn soil equally within the small spaces inside it. If the lawn soil contains too much clay, it will absorb water more than the air. The lawn topdressing can improve this condition by lowering the moisture contents.

  1. Reducing the Thatch

Layers of stems, grass and roots, either living or dead is usually called as thatch, commonly found on the ground after winter. Thatch can be both beneficial and otherwise for your lawn soil. Too much thatch can cause root damage or even plant dehydration. None wants their beautiful garden slowly turns bald after the winter passed. By adding topdressing sand all over the lawn, you can decompose the thatch faster and save your garden.

  1. Avoiding the Plant Drought

Seeding, over seeding or even sprigging lawn can harm the developing plants in your garden. It can slowly dry out developing plants and will be worse during the winter. Adding topdressing sand all over the lawn will help it absorbs more moisture by providing needed microbes.

Sand Supplies Near Me

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