Choose the option with unrivalled compaction and drainage capabilities. Our high-quality virgin fill sand is sourced from our virgin site and has the ideal amount of clay to produce compact and high-strength foundations. We stock a large variety of fill sand including the ever-popular yellow fill sand. Call 9733 2289 to get your premium sand supplies today.

What is Virgin Fill Sand?

Fill sand is a type of compact sand that is composed of very small granules. These granules can be either naturally occurring and have broken down over time or it can be further compressed by running it through a machine. Due to being sifted down to minute sizes, the compaction ratings of fill sand is very high.

Virgin aggregates are characterised as products that have been freshly mined from the ground, in direct comparison to recycled variants. Virgin fill sand is our natural, washed sand which we source directly from our virgin site (as opposed to our recycled fill sand). At Premium Allsands, we take extra care to ensure that our fill sand has the ideal level of compactness that it is renowned for.

The Common Uses of Fill Sand

Fill sand is a very versatile product and can be used in a wide variety of settings. Yellow fill sand is a common material for construction projects of all kinds, both residential and commercial.  It is frequently used to raise the level of low-lying areas and can fill the void left by the removal of large objects like a swimming pool. Because it looks great and provides a light surface to walk on, you’ll also frequently find it in places where it is easily seen like in horse arenas, equestrian centres, and golf courses. Our fill sand is frequently used for:

  • Backfilling
  • Base preparation
  • Large civil works
  • Construction foundations
  • Landfill subdivisions

 What are the Benefits?

The construction industry is very fond of yellow fill sand and it’s not hard to see why. It has many great benefits including. It’s a cost-effective option that doesn’t compromise on quality, allowing you to have high-quality material without breaking the bank.


Fill sand is great value for money. Not only is it high-quality but it has a low cost of sand per cubic meter so you can order large volumes worry.

Appealing looks

Well known for its appealing aesthetics, fill sand has the ability to transform a landscape. It looks and feels great, so it’s a fantastic choice for an exposed project.


Fill sand has fantastic drainage capabilities as it doesn’t retain moisture. This makes it a great option for areas that need fast, effective drainage.

Virgin Fill Sand Supplier Near Me

Premium Allsands is one of the top suppliers of sand supplies in Perth. We offer top quality sand solutions and premium products from fill sand to roadbase, suitable for projects of all kinds. Our clean fill sand is locally sourced from our virgin site and its compaction and drainage levels are unrivalled. So, no matter if you need yellow fill sand or backfill, there’s no better choice than Premium Allsands. For high-quality clean fill sand in Perth, give us a call on  9733 2289 today.

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