Get the right foundation for your pavers. The last thing you want is shifting stones a couple of years after setting. Paving sand in Perth is specially designed keep your paving stones in place and eliminate any movement. To order sand for your project or if you need our dedicated and passionate staff to answer any questions you may have, just give us a call on 97332289.

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Pavers are only as Strong as Their Foundations!

Pavers are a fantastic combination between classic and modern and can add a little bit of style to your home while simultaneously giving you a sturdy surface. However, this sturdiness is greatly affected by the foundation that they are laid on. Quality sand is therefore the most crucial of the various tools and materials required during the installation process. Sand is the material which acts as the foundation and binds the pavers together so the selection of what kind of sand you should use is incredibly important.

The primary purpose for the bedding of the pavers is twofold. It is important as both a binding agent (as mentioned above) as well as an inhibitor of weed growth. These two properties can often require different kinds of sand which just creates a whole lot of unnecessary confusion for homeowners. There’s no need to worry though, we are here to help you navigate this confusing process.

What Type of Sand is the Best Base For Pavers?

Stone pavers should be laid on top of a foundation of sand. This is something that most people are familiar with. The desired texture is usually something that is rough and granular. This texture is important because the edges of the grains will grind together when compacted creating a highly stable locking effect. This prevents erosion in the future and inhibits movement. Some sand types that work quite well in this regard include concrete sand and mason sand. However, these are not the ideal fits for paving as they will wash away over the course of time, a process that is further exacerbated by heavy rains.

Recently, there have been some developments of a newer sand type which will soften when it becomes wet. This can allow for increased flexibility but it may also increase the susceptibility to erosion and require the owner to reapply frequently.

However, there is another type of sand which inarguably provides the best base for pavers, the aptly named paving sand. This sand was specially developed to be a stable base that will hold its form and restrict movement.

Explore the Multi-Purpose Uses of Paving Sand

Paving sand is a course and finely graded sand that can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is quite similar to brickies sand and offers a very strong foundation for all sorts of materials including pavers. Some other foundations include large grassed areas like ovals, concrete pads, footpaths, swimming pools, and many other things.

Replacement of the material won’t be necessary, even when your pavers are exposed to intense weather conditions. The durable nature of paving sand also prevents any water from seeping underneath your paving stones. This fact alone significantly decreases the likelihood of the pavers migrating.

Get the Best Paving Sand in Perth

Sand quality is imperative as bases without a sufficient clay content will be a source of continual problems. If you’re looking for the best sand for brick paving it’s hard to go past Premium Allsands. We provide the highest quality sand all throughout Perth and the southwest. We are reputable, reliable and respected, and sell a variety of sands from brickies sand in Perth to recycled fill sand.

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