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What is white sand?

White sand has perhaps the cleanest appearance of all sand products with its bright white colouration. This distinctive white colour as well as the soft, fine texture is a result of the crushed limestone it’s made out of. This uniquely coloured and textured sand does make it harder to source and it often needs to be imported from areas where it is abundant.

Washed white sand is made at a sand plant by washing and sizing the sand through a number of screens. The product undergoes a three-stage washing process which includes the use of centrifugal force to remove all the clay, silt and silica from the product.

White Sand Uses

Due to the fact it is a very clean product, it slightly more costly that other types. As such, white sand is usually only used when the bright appearance and soft texture will make a considerable difference. Some such uses include sand boxes, playgrounds, golf courses, cement for mortar and volleyball courts as well as replacing protective coastal sand dunes or creating inland beaches.

White sands are frequently used in some areas of large construction as well as smaller domestic projects for homeowners. It is used in the production of paving stones and can even be an ingredient in swimming pools.

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