Benefits of Using Clay in Construction

Clay for sale is one of the most popular options at Premium Allsands because it is a versatile, robust and timeless building material. Building products made from clay supplies, such as bricks, blocks, façades, roof tiles, and pavers, can be used for a variety of purposes.

Clay bricks and roof tiles are some of the oldest and most common building materials and form some of our most iconic buildings. But what is clay? And what makes clay for sale such a desirable choice for construction projects of all sizes?

Clay contains the tiniest particles of rock eroded by wind and rain and carried away by running water. Particles like these gather on the bottoms of rivers and streams where they stick together and are compacted.

Clay is cheap and available almost everywhere. It has several transitional states, from squishy to elastic when wet, to being able to make any shape you want. As it begins to dry, it develops a harder texture that can be carved or scraped. 

It is possible to use clay supplies for almost any construction or renovation project, and it can reflect all architectural styles, from traditional to contemporary. The variety of colours and shapes available provide architects with countless design options when creating contemporary structures with clay building products. Clay products are compact, and their size and shape make them ideal for architectural experimentation.

Because clay products offer long-term durability, clay-built structures are an investment for future generations, with a lifespan exceeding 100 years. The fact that many old buildings are still standing around us is a testament to clay products’ durability.

What Are The Uses Of Clay?

Clay for sale is purchased for a wide range of uses including art projects, tiling and building entire structures.

Clay is made into pots, pipes, furniture, sculptures, and more by ceramicists. Ceramic tiles are made of clay and are used for floors, walls, counters, etc. 

As a structural material, clay also plays an important role. Clay is mixed with quartz, sand, chamotte (a refractory clay that is heated to 1000-1400 C, then crushed), slag, sawdust, and pulverized coal to create different construction materials.

It is used in agriculture to make the soil fertile and to provide the essential nutrients needed for plant growth to support human and animal needs, such as food and clothing. It is also used for creating medicine, cosmetics, and building materials.

Why Clay Is A Cost Effective Building Solution

Clay is a highly affordable building material but it also offers a range of sustainable advantages that will deliver further savings in the future. Clay has insulation properties that mean it can absorb heat and reduce the energy requirements of any home or business built using this material. 

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