Small Tipper Units, 6 Wheelers, Semi’s and Road Trains

We source virgin sand from our wholly owned quarry at Waroona, south of Perth. Recycled stone products are made inhouse at either our Hope Valley Recycling facility or our Waroona operations

Site Access – To enable us to deliver safely and efficiently, please ensure the following guidelines are followed:
Lot or House Number is clearly visible
Clearly mark the required tipping location if nobody will be present at delivery
Please be aware deliveries involving driving over footpaths and driveway can result in cracking

Tipping Area – A few informative points are listed below:

  • A typical 10m3 load will cover an area of around 4m x 4m when tipped off, please leave sufficient room
  • Ensure the tipping area is free of foreign matter (rubble etc) to avoid sand contamination
  • Verges are typically avoided as tipping areas as local councils may impose fines

* Please enquire with your local council for approval as we will not be liable for any costs incurred

It is imperative we are notified of any of the following to ensure we can deliver safely:

  • Overhead power lines
  • Buried services, such as soak wells and septic tanks

Minimum width for safe access is 2.7m for a mini truck and 3m for a 6 or 8 wheeler tipper

Loads are available starting from 1m3

The volume of material required is calculated using the area (Length x Width) multiplied by the depth required.
For example if you have an area to fill of 3m by 5m and to a depth of 1.5m the calculation is as follows;
3m(L) x 5m(W) = 15 square metres (15m2)
15m2 x 1.5m(D) = 22.5 cubic metres (22.5m3)
Most sand and quarried materials will compact by approximately 25% adding this to the equation we get the following:
22.5m3 + 25% = 28m3
Example: To fill a hole 3mx5m to a depth of 1.5m I would require 28m3 of material

We deliver across the Perth metro, all locations south of the river right down to Bunbury

All our products are tested and results are available on our website. For special projects we can arrange individual product testing to suit customer needs

For large loads or complex projects please contact our friendly customer service team on (08) 9733 2289, or using our contact page.

We strive to deliver all loads within 1-2 days of receiving your order