Sand is the third most consumed natural resource on earth after water and air. Today’s cities are constructed from it. Sand supplies in Wattleup, WA and gravel are used annually by the construction industry alone to the tune of 25 billion tons. When you consider how much sand is probably in everything you see around you, it’s not a surprising figure after all.

recycled sand supplies in Wattleup, WA

Unfortunately, global sand supplies are in short supply – including sand supplies in Wattleup, WA. When you consider that sand is used for making both concrete and asphalt, not to mention every single window on this planet, this is a frightening thought. We tend to believe that sand is a limitless resource, but in reality, this isn’t the case.

While the construction industry relies heavily on commercial sand supplies, there are many other industries that are dependent on the resource as well. Sand is also valuable for fracking and the petroleum industry, as well as for transitioning to a green economy.

A single well can be dug using around 1800 tonnes of quartz-rich sand, for instance, during fracking. This sand is used as a proppant to open cracks from which gas can be extracted. A green economy requires the use of sand in the production of solar photovoltaics, and creating more solar panels will mean producing more clean energy. Likewise, if we want to start using glass bottles instead of plastic ones, we will need more sand as well.

Unfortunately, when any resource becomes scarce it can lead to conflict and also paves the way for illegal extraction and sale. That is the case with sand, with illegal operations surfacing around the world.

How Recycled Sand Supplies in Wattleup, WA Is Creating a Sustainable Model

The problem is not desert sand, which is too smooth to be used in construction, but sand from riverbeds and lakes. The amount of riverbed sand being extracted is twice what can be naturally formed.

Due to its ability to compact, virgin fill sand is primarily used as a base material in concrete. Filling large holes is another common use for virgin fill sand. Unfortunately, we are already seeing shortages of virgin fill sand in Australia which is impacting the construction sector and a wide range of industries.

The good news is that there is an alternative – recycled fill sand. Previously, a great deal of construction waste was sent to landfills (which caused its own environmental problems and concerns). Now, that waste like bricks, tiles, concrete etc is being crushed down to create recycled fill sand. This recycled product is excellent for creating new concrete and in paving projects as it compacts down-solid just the same as virgin fill sand.

This allows construction companies a way to recycle their waste, use the recycled product and maintain a sustainable cycle that allows work to continue, reduces costs and eases the extraction of sand from Australian riverbeds.

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