What is White Screened Sand?

Looking for white screened sand in Perth? White screened sand is similar to washed white sand with the main difference being the presence of clay fines that are usually cleansed from the latter. It may not have as clean a look as pure white sand, being more of an off-white colour, but white screened sand is a highly refined, multi-purpose sand that is perfect for numerous applications, from equestrian arenas to sandpits. Premium Allsands provides the highest quality sand throughout Perth, refusing to compromise on quality. For a free quote, give us a call on (08) 9733 2289 today.

High Quality White Screened Sand in Perth

Our white screened sand is a premium sand product made by filtering white sand and screening out larger, heavier debris. Many applications require this product to be used as a base including for pavers on parking lots, patios, and driveways as well as for building foundations. Our sand is pristine and completely free of any contaminants including debris. For a high quality, unshifting sand, this could be just the thing you’re looking for. Contact our team at (08) 9733 2289 or enquire online now.


  • Provides great compaction for a solid base
  • Excellent drainage
  • Efficient at levelling surfaces
  • Inhibits the cracking or settling of stones
  • Soft to stand on

Why Choose Premium Allsands?

Every product that we sell and deliver here at Premium Allsands is guaranteed to be only of the highest quality. All our sand is thoroughly tested to ensure that it will meet all of the necessary industry standards and specifications. We have a wide range of quality sand supplies in Perth that are fit for use in many different applications, such as road base, draining systems, parking lots and decorative purposes among others. So, whatever reason you need sand, give our team a call on (08) 9733 2289 today and get a free quote.

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